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yavette holts

one presence massage
1650 ashby ave.
berkeley, ca 94703



the flow

transition from busyworld to quietspace... with quiet mind, you listen to you; then I listen for what you heard.  in this way every session is based on a unique presence.  Each session incorporates shiatsu, tui na, thai, and reflexology massage modalities with eastern healing techniques rooted in feng shui, the five elements, the cycles of nature and our own body clock.   Acupressure uses the same body maps as acupuncture to tonify and address our physcial and emotional imbalances.  Acupressurists use their hands and fingers instead of needles to tap into the flow of energy or chi along our internal pathways, also called meridians.

Enter through the garden to the studio. Relax. Breathe deeply. Your 60 minute session will start with a brief consultation or listening followed immediately with a massage acupressure combination specific to your unique presence at that moment.  People of all genders, ages, sizes, and orientations can benefit from bodywork.  Arrive in comfortable clothing allowing full range of movement, the less bulky the better.  Your feedback after massage will always be received with gratitude.